Security Products

Protect yourself NOW! Get your BRONCO Guard Batuta (Nightstick with Tear Gas) and BRONCO Portable Teargas and protect yourself from hoodlums, muggers, kidnappers, rioteers, thieves, rapists, beasts and other bad elements BRONCO GUARD BATUTA The product is a unique security gadget included as official equipage in the Department of the Interior and Local Government’s (DILG) […]



BRONCO Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

A product that is recognized in the market as high quality, proven dependable and effective, and most economical because it has: The longest factory warranty of six (6) years backed up by Excelta’s over 45 years of manufacturing expertise. The longest chemical efficacy up to twelve (12) years. Pure chemicals and Premium raw materials—we do […]

F-117 Throw-Type Fire Extinguisher

The No. 1 Throw-type Fire Extinguisher in Japan is now available in the Philippines. It’s as simple as throwing to the fire for your safety. Your personal escape plan when in danger of getting trapped. Easy to use even by the young, elderly, female and handicapped. No maintenance. Non-toxic. Environment-friendly. Comes with wall canister. How […]


Company Profile

Super Nova Safety Products, Inc. (SNSPI) was organized and incorporated in 19 October 2009. Since then, it has been servicing clients who have placed confidence in the quality of our pioneer brand BRONCO. Our services include fire safety seminar and training, fire brigade organization and training, fire-fighting equipment check-up and assessment, product demonstration, delivery and […]